Welcome Sponsors

We invite you to join us for our second annual Synchronicity Festival’s “Southern Rock & BBQ – Land Cruise 2020” Outdoor Music Festival at the Masonic Park and Youth Camp by becoming an event sponsor.   Being a sponsor for this event offers many rewards.  Our attendance is projected to be 2,000+ individuals from Venice, FL to St. Petersburg, FL to Tampa, FL.  Last year’s event brought fans from all over the country, and even overseas!  This family friendly event will host many new home buyers, the Freemason and Shriners communities, artists, musicians and a wide range of the general public of all ages.  The area where our event is taking place is the fastest growing community of Hillsborough County.  Our intent is to hold an event similar to this annually, so returning to this market again is guaranteed.   You will have a dedicated audience to showcase your products and services with acres of places to display your banners.  There is also an indoor hall with a stage to have demonstrations and discussions.  We invite you to have a vending area for sales and demonstrations.  Our advertising for this event will be in local newspapers, magazines, on radio stations and social media, as well as an I-75 billboard and an electronic traveling billboard that will drive around the local area with Tampa Bay Mobile Billboard Truck.   Join us in creating fellowship in our community and bringing your good company name to the forefront of many consumers.

We are excited that you are interested in lending your company’s good name to this event. Corporate and individual sponsorship benefits are included in the packet below,  along with a Sponsorship Agreement.  We are offering some very attractive packages for our friends who partner with us for the event.  Please return the completed form or have questions answered by emailing us at gg@synchronicityfestivals.com.

Your willingness to help invest in our young people and in the future of our community is greatly appreciated.  A heartfelt “Thank You” to all of our current sponsors: