7 Awesome bands
in one location in one amazing day!
Synchronicity Festivals presents

“Southern Rock & Bar-B-Q”, February 23, 2019

The music concert will be the centerpiece of the event. These bands absolutely ROCK!  Chris Anderson, formerly of the Outlaws and Johnny Neel, formerly of the Allman Brothers, are headlining the main event with their new project called “RattleBone”.  These guys have been in the studio recently and plan to release their first, brand new CD!  Just in time for us!!!!  It doesn’t stop there, folks!!!  Artists from the Southern Rock and Rock Legends Cruises, Preacher Stone and the Curt Towne Band will knock your socks off.  These guys hang with ‘greats’, like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet and Marshall Tucker.  International touring artist Damon Fowler joins the fold with his recently released CD, as well as Regional touring artists Jake Castro and Kettle of Fish.  We are welcoming in a new, upcoming band called Whiskey Foxtrot out of North Carolina, who can hold their own with the ‘big boys’.   We have invited a couple of  artists who will be making a special appearance, so don’t miss out on the All Star Jam surprises!  Music Lineup: