Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about the Festival.  If your question is not answered here, please feel free to CONTACT us.

The Synchronicity Festival “Southern Rock & BBQ” Festival will be held at the Masonic Park and Youth Camp located at 18050 US-301 in Wimauma, Florida  33598.

Friday 3:00p-Midnight  and Saturday Noon-Midnight

Yes, tickets are available at the gate – Cash only, please.  Children 12 and under are free.

Yes. Parking is included in the ticket price.

Absolutely!! This is a family-friendly event and children are welcome to attend. Kids 12 and under are free with a ticketed adult.

Children 12 and under are free ONLY if accompanied by a ticketed adult. Everyone else must have a wrist band

Lawn chairs and blankets are encouraged.

We want all our concert goers to enjoy an unobstructed view of the stage. Personal tents and umbrellas are allowed, however there will be a designated area mid-field where you are allowed to set up your cover.

The VIP area is limited to 100 concert goers. Once that limit is reached, there will be no VIP tickets available. In the unlikely event that we have available VIP tickets at the gate, you would be asked to surrender your General Admission ticket and pay the additional cost at the gate.

There will be a wide variety of food and drink vendors at the event. Also a portion of the revenue from the event will directly support the Masonic Park and Youth Camp, so we encourage you to support our local businesses. Your own food and drink is not allowed in the concert area and must remain at your campsite.

We have several delicious food vendors catering to all tastes. In addition, a variety of Bar-B-Q foods prepared fresh, on-site that will be available for purchase. All at reasonable prices.

There will be a wide variety of drink vendors at the event. Coolers are not permitted in the concert area and must remain at your campsite.

No. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted at this event other than beer and wine.

Yes. Pets are welcome, however they must be kept on a leash. We ask that you clean up after your pet. If your pet causes a problem, or if found unattended, you will be asked to leave.

There will be professional photographers hired for the event. These individuals are the only people granted releases to take photos of our musical artists. No professional cameras are allowed. You may capture your day with a ‘point and shoot’ camera or your phone. If you are a professional photographer and would like credentials to photograph the event, please contact us for approval.

As long as you are wearing your wristband, it should be no problem.

The music ends at 11:00 pm on February 22nd. If you decide to camp overnight, there are primitive campsites and RV parking (no hookups) available for an additional fee.  Please book your campsite ahead of time.  There are no guarantees there will be any last minute campsites available.

Primitive camping and RV parking are available for the event at a additional cost.  Please contact us for more details and reservations.

Campfires are permitted ONLY in a fire ring and ONLY if an adult attends them. There are several fire rings scattered around the park. Help yourself to one not in use or bring your own.

Here is the Masonic Park Rules from the Masonic Park Website:

The Management of the Masonic Park and Youth Camp (MPYC) are committed to providing to the best of our ability:
1) SAFE environment for all the guests and staff of the park.
2) Provide a protective environment for all the wild life in the park.
3) Provide enjoyable comfortable atmosphere for all who enter and visit the Park.
Therefore, it is necessary that rules and regulation are implemented to achieve these goals.
The park is private property. Therefore MPYC, through the Park Manager and/or his designee, reserves the right to refuse entry to any person or group into the park. MPYC, also through the Park Manager and/or his designee, reserves the right to remove any person or group from the park property for just cause for any violation. All federal, state, and county laws/ordinances and all park rules will be strictly enforced and obeyed. Violators will be removed from the park without a refund.

All visiting guests must check in at the Registration Office before entering the park. Non-family guests staying with resident longer than 3 days may be charged a fee.
All Lot rentals are due at time of check in for total time stay. Any rentals staying less than a month will be calculated on a daily or weekly rate. Any departs prior to your scheduled last date will result in no refunds being given.
Full hook up is available, please use either a screw in type, or rubber doughnut type, pipe connection. Please save gray water to flush the pipes after dumping black water. The use RV toilet paper is encouraged and available at the office. Thank you.

We are offering a morning trash pickup for all camp sites. One small bag of trash (kitchen size) may be placed at the front of your camper once per day, between the hours of 9am and 11am only. Please don’t leave trash out over night as there are wild animals that will enjoy spreading it, and it will be your job to pick it up. Should you desire you may take your trash/garbage to the dumpster provided across from the Walt Harris building. Do not place anything on ground in front of the dumpster. If dumpster is full, please notify park staff.

Lot rental entitles you to one non-commercial vehicle (excluding RV) on site, all other vehicles must be parked in the overflow parking. Other vehicles to include tow-dollies and utility trailers, will be placed in storage areas at the direction of the Park Managers (and will be subject to a storage fee). No vehicle maintenance (ie: oil changes, tire changes, lubes, etc.) to be conducted in the R.V. site parking area (contact the Park Manager about this).

Quiet time shall be maintained in all areas between the hours of 10 pm and 7 am. Excessive noise during this time which disturbs other people is strictly  prohibited.
Children under your care should be monitored at all times while in the camp. Children are to be on their campsites at dusk. Please respect others property, do not allow children to run through other campsites or public/private buildings. Parents are responsible for any damage caused by their children. Children are NOT allowed in the lake unless supervised by their parents. Nonswimmers
are required to wear life jackets any time they are around the water. Use of the
canoes is a privilege and any child must have an adult with them when using the canoes.
Fishing in Lake Dot is permitted. We strictly enforce a catch and release program. No spear fishing or net fishing is allowed. If you fish the Little Manatee River, you may keep any fish you catch. The State of Florida fishing laws apply.
Campfires are allowed only in approved portable fire pits. No unattended camp fires allowed.
All fire pits must be approved by the Park Manager before use.
The use of alcohol within the Masonic Park is limited to your camp site, walking around the camp with open containers is prohibited.
All golf carts must be registered with the park office. Your golf cart is not to be plugged in for charging in any common area electrical outlets, your golf cart will be plugged in and charged from your lot ONLY.
Vehicles (to include golf carts) shall be operated only in accordance with posted regulations and only by licensed drivers as defined in State of Florida Statutes. No person shall operate any vehicle in a careless, negligent, or reckless manner so as to endanger the life of any person, wild life, pets, MPYC property, or personal property. Use of ATV/UTV is prohibited by everyone except Park Management. Anyone caught using such a vehicle without permission is required
to park and secure the vehicle for the duration of their stay. A second offense will result in immediate removal of the owner and vehicle from MPYC property. Vehicles are not permitted on any wilderness trails at any time; work details with permission only.
When rental lot is vacated, it will be cleared of all personal property, including any steps, flower pots, golf-carts. Storage lots are available for a nominal monthly fee. No personal property will be stored on any park property or in park buildings other than in storage area.
ALL extra activities or special events (including private functions) using park property will be scheduled through the Park Registration Office and building rental fees will apply. Scheduled events will preempt all other activities in the Friendship Hall. Park fund raising functions must be approved by Park Manager.
Smoking and open fires is strictly prohibited in any wilderness area.
This is a wilderness area. As such, we do share our environment with creatures such as lizards, snakes, turtles, bats, birds, big cats, etc. Please do not feed any of the wildlife you encounter or see wandering the park. Exercise caution when walking the trails.
Firearms, cross bows, bow & arrow, or other explosive devices are not allowed in the Park.
Fireworks are not permitted at any time.
No one is permitted to operate any park equipment without the Park Manager’s permission and the proper safety equipment.
If you infringe on more than the camp site that you are renting, you will be charged for the other site.
Plants, shrubs, and trees will not be allowed to be planted or removed on park property without written permission from the PARK MANAGER.

There will be port-a-johns in various areas around the festival area. Also, there are bath houses near the primitive camping that offer toilets and showers.

Valuables, illegal drugs, weapons of any kind, fireworks, unauthorized vending, beer kegs, motorized or non-motorized transportation: scooters, bicycles, golf carts, ATV’s, motor scooters, rollerblades, skateboards, powered skateboards and several not listed here. Contact us for more detail. Walk – it’s healthier for you and your fellow concert goers.

The Park does offer parking spots and hook ups for RV’s and Campers for a fee. Unfortunately, during this time of year, all the RV and Camper spots with hook ups have been reserved.  We do offer RV and Camper parking without hook ups for a fee (you are welcome to bring a small generator if necessary).  Please contact us for more information and reservations.

Sorry, tickets are non-refundable. Rain or shine.