Whiskey Foxtrot

Whiskey Foxtrot is the moniker of the musical duo of Seth Williams, Sam Foster, and the other musicians that consist of the entire band. Both Seth and Sam had been performing as solo artists for several years, and on various occasions would perform shows together. During the Summer of 2017 they decided to team up together to form Whiskey Foxtrot., and quickly became a regional favorite. They play hundreds of shows per year across North Carolina and Virginia while continuing to grow a following in the Southeastern US, including Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina. The group is primarily influenced by Blackberry Smoke, American Aquarium, Waylon Jennings, The Allman Brothers Band, Tom Petty, and The Eagles just to name a few. Their music is a combination of country, blues, and rock ‘n roll, which is reflective of these influences. As of Spring 2018 the band is writing a bank of original music in order to record their first studio LP. For more info: www.whiskeyfoxtrotmusic.com